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Products from up north

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Timeless er sprottin ˙tfrß spennu, stressi og hra­a ■jˇ­fÚlagsins. Allt ß a­ gerast strax og helst Ý gŠr. Um lei­ og Úg vildi gera vinnusta­inn og ...more



Vegir nßtt˙runnar eru ˇ˙treiknanlegir.
Hamf÷r er verk unni­ undir ßhrifum af skaftßrhlaupi.
StŠr­: 200cm x 56cm
Efni: Acri ...more


There is nothing more Icelandic than the form of Iceland and it does not spoil the idea that Klakinn means Ice-cube in Icelandic and is a native slang ...more


What comes next to sitting in your mothers embrace is sitting in natures embrace. With modern materials and technique I wanted to take the feeling of ...more


Odinn Flati is a new way og using the famues Iclandic "Flat bread" (flatbrau­).By forming the bread it becomes a exelant edable conteiner. Perfect for ...more



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